Tikulu, the young Mauritian

My name is Tikulu, I am a young Mauritian
I live on a beautiful little island, in the middle of the Indian Ocean!
Moi mo apel Tikoulou, mo enn ti morisien.
Mo rest lor enn zoli ti zil o milye Losean Indyen !

Tikulu picture books

Come and share Tikulu and his friends’ adventures!

Each picture book is an adventure – even Dimoune the dog can vouch for that!

All around the island, from the mountain to the sea, Tikulu the young Mauritian doesn’t scare easily:

each expedition is the perfect opportunity to uncover the island’s secrets.

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Henry Koombes


Interview of Tikulu’s father

“Henry Koombes: I had been thinking about this character for a long time. I had started drawing him and I had even named him before Pascale (the editor of the Tikulu series) contacted me for a book. When I showed Tikulu to Pascale, she loved him and asked me what his name meant.”

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generation tikoulou


Jeffrey, 15 years old

“I first came to know Tikulu when I was 8 years old. As I had a soft spot for sharks, my father bought S.O.S. Shark for me. I was dazzled by the illustrations and the story seduced me. In my opinion, Tikulu is an adventurer at heart. I haven’t read the entire collection yet but I think that when it comes to Tikulu, there is no age limit – anybody can lose themselves into one of Tikulu’s adventures!””

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The air that surrounds us, the soil we tread on, the world we live in: everything is an adventure!

The exhibition

Following Tikulu’s footsteps

Tikulu never ceases to travel and explore. This is why this little boy wants to share the outcome of his adventures with you and invite you in his world made of nature, open-mindedness and friendship – tons of friendship!

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Tikoulou et Le Souffle Magique

The musical show

Hurray! School is over and the holidays are only beginning! Tikulu is ecstatic: he is going to Grand-Mère Minette’s, his eccentric grandmother who has a magical garden. Once there, he meets the fairy Marylou-Fée and together they embark on a mysterious treasure hunt. Meanwhile, his friends Konker, Hammerkop, Matapan and Dimoune grow quite worried at his disappearance and decide to go look for him. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles they encounter and find their loyal friend? These young heroes go on a peculiar escapade stretched between reality and dream and take us on a journey that celebrates the beauty and the diversity of their beloved island.

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The exhibition